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Green Flooring

Green Flooring

There are a number of eco-friendly flooring options. Check out the flooring examples below or contact Conklin Bros. for more ideas.

Natural Cork – U.S. Floors

Cork is harvested from the bark of trees located primarily in coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea. Cork flooring is created from recycled bottle-stopper corks, which are ground up and formed into sheets and bound together under high pressure. All natural cork measures up very well to all other flooring when comparing factors such as warmth, durability, resiliency, ease-of-cleaning, and comfort.

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Bamboo – U.S. Floors

Natural bamboo, a member of the grass family, is ready to harvest in four years.  Like grass, cutting bamboo does not kill the plant as its extensive roots allow for rapid regeneration.  It’s renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and boasts natural beauty, premium quality and is extremely durable: it’s 27% harder than oak and 13% harder than maple.

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Natural Wool – Unique Carpets

Wool is obviously natural and renewable, as its production is fueled by another renewable resource: grass.  It’s also biodegradable, non-allergenic and its natural properties provide air purification, moisture control and fire resistance, creating a very safe and healthy indoor environment.  In addition, its superior quality allows extensive design, color and pattern flexibility.

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Linoleum – Forbo

Linoleum is made from natural products, such as linseed oil, ground cork or wood, pine rosin, crushed limestone and mineral pigments (for color).  With this natural make-up, linoleum is biodegradable or recyclable. In addition, the linseed oil makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, making it ideal for kitches and bathrooms. It’s also extremely durable, resilient, anti-static and repairable.

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Nylon Carpet – Anso

Anso nylon carpet is designed to be recycled and is certified with 25% post-consumer carpet content. Nylon is the most resilient carpet fiber, meaning it’s able to resume its original shape after being deformed. Anso’s nylon is also renowned for its stain and soil resistance and overall toughness.

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Corn-Based Carpet – SmartStrand

Designed by DuPont, SmartStrand includes a special bio-based material (made from corn sugar). Because 37% of SmartStrand is made from this polymer, the production process requires 30% less energy and involves far fewer petroleum-based ingredients than in most other carpets.

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Abbey Carpet & Floor

Abbey offers a number of earth-friendly products for a healthier home. Many of the carpets are made with recycled content and include the finest floor coverings available.

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